The Reading Point U35 is born

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When in 2017 the cultural association Charta Sporca, accredited to the PAG – Youth Area Project, organizes the literature festival under 35 “Letteraria” thanks to regional funding, it develops a secondary and consequent idea: creating a reading space with a library that collects edited works before their authors have reached the age of 35, hence the title U35-Under35. Companions of adventure and partner of this project are the Libraries Service of the Municipality of Trieste and the Ticonzero association. This second organization has the merit of taking care of selection and classifying, on the National Library System catalogue, of about three hundred monographs with scholars, volunteers and students which, together with the important “Daniela Savina” legacy of books of socio-philosophical nature, constitute the starting point of the U35 Library. The implementation of this section will be constant and the subdivision of the volumes for centuries of reference will make explicit the intent of the project to study how over time the young people have dealt with the world of publishing. At the same time, the display of the books in the shelves will allow an easy consultation and loan.

In this way another important goal is realized for the PAG – Youth Area Project, that is, to offer the many young people of our city a cozy study space with 18 seats, a computer workstation for consultations and the wifi network. The hours, for now, correspond to those of the opening of the Polo Toti Giovani: Monday and Thursday 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm, Tuesday and Friday 8.30 am – 2.30 pm and Wednesday 4.00 pm – 10.00 pm. More information on the planned events will be available on the website, on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Youth Area Project and the Emeroteca Tomizza, a place very popular with students who, now, can also take advantage of the new PAG Reading Point on the Colle di San Giusto (entrance in Via del Castello, 3).

The Reading Point U35 together with the Under 35 project of the cultural association Charta Sporca and the summer residences for young authors are part of the LETS Print project for the candidacy of Trieste Creative City for UNESCO Literature, with the aim of favoring study and enhancement of youth work in publishing and their professionalization in this sector. The operation as a whole expresses the value of synergistic actions that bring to the fore an idea of young publishing as protagonist of changes, an active and participatory volunteer system and an administration that plays a decisive role of governance by networking the subjects who operate in the territory creating new opportunities for young people.
Museo della Letteratura: un incontro